How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese?

A friend of mine, I can say it is the basis of “I’m sorry” and “thank you” and the like.
Be sure to learn everyday life dialogue, characters are sure to learn it?
What textbooks recommend? In every respect should start first? Do you have any experience?
If you want a formal professor, then, how the organization of courses?

Primary Teaching Chinese as a Foreign agencies What the hell , if you just enter the organization as a Foreign Language, is the first living beginners students. First, the primary teaching difficult? It can be said is difficult, because the students like a piece of paper, you have to for students to build his Chinese system, he has to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters, how to make him an interest in order to explain the grammar, content choice, the choice of what materials, in short, a lot Pishi. But it can be said that a good primary education, because education is a primary been thoroughly studied the system of teaching, because it is a tool to eat a lot of bodies in general simply the training of primary almost no problems. Generally speaking primary education is a pattern of things, like McDonald’s hamburger, like, I do not really know how to cook, but do it the taste is good. Second, the mechanism of primary characteristics of students: several categories of people:1. Working in China 2. housewives to travel 3. 4. The child was forced mother to common characteristics: 1. The motivation is not very strong, a lot is to learn Learning Chinese as entertainment, anyway, is not expensive tuition. 2. generally not preview review. 3. wanted to learn practical, finished school can be said to be the best. 4. If you are not interested do not learn theprinciples of primary education so that 1. Applicability mainly focus on voice and speaking 2. 3. laying basic grammar system, but not too deep to explain grammar 4. characters not as a priority, most only interested in teaching 5. departure from the student’s real life professor 6. standard terms, slang, idioms, twisters, the ancient Chinese written language do not speak as much as possible, but practically speaking, popular sayings can also adjust the classroom atmosphere must be short and simple but good understand. 7. Do not give students too heavy study load, can speak as much as possible in the classroom completed, including exercise, try not to leave the job also wrote back, try to make them go back to say that. 8. teaching atmosphere to a lively sense of humor, to give them a sense that money to entertainment. 9. Note that some common problems, and establish a religion to be sure of your own feelings, or is his teaching are the most common, because they communicate with friends, encounter many different versions. Third, what is the primary teaching? Press chunk of points: 1. First, it is important, we must lay the foundation, or the students learn bad spelling may directly give up. 2. The text, practicality first. 3. grammar, still have to teach, but pay attention to repeated practice, it must be placed in the scene say. 4. Chinese characters, simple to teach on the line, is not the point, if the student is really not interested, or it does not directly give up school. [1-60 hour] what it is about content: by content points: 1 guest, learn how to say hello, polite language, please usage, and use it for food that question. 2. Digital, quantifier, there are words, phone numbers3. Recognizing friend, introduce yourself, family members, name, nationality, occupation, telephone4. taxi, Nouns 5. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, some locations noun 6. doing some Common verb7. time representation, diary my day 8. day, date 9. money, shopping, markets, supermarkets, fruits, vegetables, live regular supplies, shopping, dress pants shoes 10 to catering, restaurant, cafe bar11. The call set appointments, call to cancel an appointment, call set seat, phone calls and bottled water, to say the exact location of his home. 12. The introduction to his room, after about 13 by way of the vehicle, the time period representation 14. Talk about the weather by grammar points: 1. The guest, learn how to say hello, polite language, please usage, and use it for food that questions. – SVO structure, adjectives that statement, “it” usage, positive and negative questions, what is the use of simple adverbs of degree 2. Digital, quantifier, there are words, phone numbers – quantifier usage, the digital read the law, there is Sentence 3. Recognizes friend introduced himself, family members, name, nationality, occupation, telephone – “and” Usage 4. taxi, Nouns – “Which” 5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, some locations term – developments future in the past carried out, the time term position 6. do, some common verbs 7. The time representation, diary my day 8. day, date 9. money, shopping, markets, supermarkets, fruits, vegetables, live regular supplies, shopping malls, dress pants shoes – verb overlapping, “can”, “could” Imperatives 10. Go to catering, restaurant, cafe, bar 11. The call set appointments, call to cancel an appointment, call set seat, phone calls and bottled water, state the specific location of their home. 12. The introduction to his room, all around – space noun, existential sentence, the sentence may also be introduced by 13. The mode of transport, the time period representation – the amount of complement, how, frequency adverbs 14. Talking about the weather over Initial training content is what it is about 50-60 hours of content: In general, the above includes most commonly used scenes of life, if you want to learn the next 50-60 hours, the content is about the same, but a lot of discussion to deepen, vocabulary, grammar difficulty also increased. [61-120 hours what it is about content]: press is divided: 1. take and give, to accurately tell the time and date, and to develop the itinerary. 2. go to a restaurant for dinner, to discuss what restaurant to go to, and why, what to order, and why. 3. weather, to compare their country and China’s weather, and their own often do under certain weather. The shopping, talk quality, what to buy, price. 5. hobbies, like what, why I like to play like? Praise others. 6. tourism, where tourism itineraries and how to purchase. 7. doctor, various parts of the body, describe appearance. 8. mood feelings. 9. do all kinds of cards, with a variety of card. (If the demand is not strong can not speak) 10. The festival, their national holiday, China’s festival. By grammar point: This part because many textbooks are not the same, the general did not exactly match, but in general must speak out 1. “over” 2 “a” represents change and complete complement of degree 3. 4. When the amount of complement, Momentum complement …… 5. For the 6 on and only 7 “of” 8. The structural particle “to 9. Some Adjectives ” 10. Result Complement 11. Directional Complement12. Also statements may complement 13. 14. Comparative Sentences 15 Put in the words + to give to 16. Existential Sentences 17. “bei” In fact, these have been the common syntax is finished, and then after that logic related words, common words, written, of a special sentence. In fact, the first 50-60 hours of a good organization, there is no system of their own teaching materials, and because the grammar of the project itself controversial, there is another toad to keep learning practical lessons do not apply, students I know into the difficulty, and then select the system usually better university textbook, “New use Chinese”, “Chinese Spoken” and other series. Note that the second referred to 50-60 hours when the book is first necessary to find out the grammar, the syntax should not only have to figure out, not only understood what more should be how to speak, not only to students, but also to the colleagues and the boss to see. Fourth, Elementary Chinese how to teach?First, the teaching methods: Repeat – Q – Replace – show the text into speech wheel, with a language theory to explain the grammar and sentence by repeating mechanical exercises to enable students to grasp, form a conditioned reflex. Get a language round to the next, but when you want to perform and last round contact language together, and finally form a complete dialogue, giving real meaning. Then enter the real stage performances, the conditions can change the language, to equip students with different versions of different situations. Second, teaching preparation: Picture Book – Picture will save a lot of time with in practice and explain very sharp. Example: On explaining each grammar point must be at least three supporting sentences, five best here takes a lot of effort.Sentences of language materials for students, this should also prepare, in general, is to give the students a few words, a scene, so students learned the language point of these words to say it, the more difficult it ready late this talked about, it is see the teacher’s skill. If the class teaching, but also to prepare classroom activities, this study is not deep I can see, “task-based approach instructional design.” In fact, all the teaching preparation should be authorities responsible for training, training competent teachers should organize collective classes, and gives teachers the standard sentence after discussion, to discuss the language point of argument, to determine effective classroom activities. Identify common picture, print a picture book by the company sent a teacher, doing little company. Third, classroom demonstrations: 1. Taxi 2. Buy clothes four, several students approach: 1. Work in China – speak Chinese point office should use 2. housewives – tell how and drivers as well as Aunt dealing 3. to travel – keep playing, introduce tourist attractions The child was forced to mom – to accompany children to play, after class mad homework, give the child his mother to see the money is not wasted five points Note: 1. Do not focus on grammar to explain why and how to speak, how to speak with emphasis, and repeated contact. 2. If you want to talk about Chinese culture, do not talk about what Confucius and Mencius, start talking about “eat, drink, weddings and marriage,” and then you talk about superstition, such as feng shui or something, tell you the Goethe German, Frenchman with you You do not want to hear talk about Sartre. 3. Tibet is ours, Taiwan is we, and the rest is what they love to say it, that’s not necessarily false. * Sixth, several senior student response method (non-primary) 1. China Hunzi – half the time to attend classes, half time gab in touch on even when he was most pleased to learn of it, leaving the job 2. learn business Chinese – – “Success”, a very good business Chinese textbooks for students to pay attention to the expression, to enable students to write a business plan and Chinese business survey 3. Advanced owned material – it takes time to study the material, the material directly to proper nouns English interpretation, you have to do is to find and discover written to highlight the meaning and usage of these written 4. HSK– given two Zhenti done speaking.

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